HERMÈS - Digital campaign

Hermès La Montre, has appointed Famille Royale to handle its Slim digital campaign after a competitive pitch. By developing an interactive experience with two interactive films and a dedicated website, Famille Royale has created an interactive experience, “ Un mouvement vers l’essentiel ” (“ Motion in purity ” in english) to launch the new collection of watches Slim d’Hermès. Inspired by the design of the watch, the fineness of its dial and figures (designed by Philip Apeloig), we designed these website and films as a creative ambling in a graphic, refined space confined in a timeless present where reality and imaginary merge.


The idea was to offer an inspiring moment to enable this search for the essential and to show that it is a personal experience, unique to each. We envisioned these films as an ambling in a world where the scenery becomes progressively lighter and finishes in a fully uncluttered universe in which only the essentials prevail. The interactive process of thamatrope allows us to live a unique experience and play with the visual perception during each and every single viewing as each of them is the creation of a new story whereby the characters can meet. The dedicated website records eight other original contents to play and share to discover Slim d’Hermès world. #SlimdHermes #AgenceFamilleRoyale

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Advertised brand: Hermès La Montre
Advert title(s): SLim d’Hermes, motion in purity
Client: La montre Hermès
Advertising Agency: Famille Royale, Paris, France
Creative Director: Edouard Delage
Art Director: Edouard Delage
Project Manager: Anne Charlotte Hartmann
Production company: Solab
Director: Romain Chassaing
DoP: Axel Cosnefroy
Post: Reepost
Published: october, 2015